PT3 new masterlist

Since there still are a bunch of personals following me, and even now, there’s a lot of other blogs who started to follow me.

PT3 moved blogs and masterlist, we no longer roleplay here, if you want to still follow me, my new blog is here, and we have open spots as well, feel free to join us.

Join PT3!


Do you like Pokemon? Do you like roleplaying? PT3 has both of those. I’m one of the Masterlist runners and recently we, being the other runners and I, decided to restart and start over from scratch. In this transition, we lost quite a few members. So in this shameless advertisement I’m going to tell you how great it is. PT3 has been around for almost a year now. We’ve gone through so much and there are many of the original people there. We’re always welcoming to new people. So I ask that you just check us out, read the rules. And if your favorite character is open, send us an ask! And if you have any questions, just ask. We’re more than happy to help you out.

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mr-jeevas replied to your post: -Glares at- Hey kid, you aren’t up to anything suspicious.. are you?

“anymore” i mean you can ignore;……me…………..lmao



this account has way too many memories, -crawls away from here-

((leaving this account up


 but switching over to a new one for the new pt3 

but this blog probably won’t be used just as a warning

can’t ever really bring myself to delete all the shit on any blog anyway so….))

((notice for kotone’s blog, actually nearly the entire masterlist moved blogs, and we have way too many memories on these accounts if you want to continue following us…

this is going to be my new PT3 account kotone and Green’s account is green thank you for staying with us, thank you to the people who decided to come with us… it means a lot.))

officer-jenny--deactivated20111 begged, "-Glares at- Hey kid, you aren't up to anything suspicious.. are you?"




Guy… trim your posts… they’re way too long.

Secondly, don’t use gifs responses as roleplay anymore…

in another note, today masterlist will be adding new rules and we will be more strict with your ooc…

we will also try to reduce the ginjika smut on the dashboard because it’s a growing problem.



-shakes butt- 

be back after french stops eating my soul OTL


brendanlaughingalonewithhats replied to your post: i’ve got the moves like jagger

to bad you dont have the boobs for it imean


i’ve got the moves like jagger

-shakes everything-